We believe that customer satisfaction is heavily determined by not only finishing a solution,
but also delivering it in supreme quality, reliability and security;
with Accendon you can simply consider it done!

Testing and quality assurance have an inevitable role in ensuring hassle-free user experience with anything from a simple website to a complex CMMS. At Accendon, we follow a particular test strategy based on Agile methodology.

We offer a vast set of product-based as well as services-based QA including mobile App (both Android and iOS) quality assurance testing, web QA testing, software or application QA testing services, etc. Our proficient team is capable to incorporate any particular tools for testing based on the client’s requirements or preferences.

Our Unique Process

agile methodolgy

We strive for the fastest possible output delivery through Agile development. Hence, any digital solution that we develop is progressively finished by enhancing it through in multiple iterations while the customer obtains a functional release of the solution at the end of every sprint or iteration (within every 2 weeks). The feedbacks and any new requirements from the customer adds to the inputs for the next iteration.