INTUIT Learning Management System

Accendon’s Intuit LMS is a highly customizable and flexible learning management system that allows you to run your institution virtually with a 360 degree control at your fingertips. It comes with several features and functionalities including highly Interactive Live Classes and Unlimited Sessions providing a splendid online learning & teaching experience. Intuit LMS (I-LMS) provides you an easy-to-use solution to create and deliver your courses and manage your learners. It has intuitive tools design schedule and manage activities, along with live virtual and face-to-face sessions carried out simultaneously. With scalability, reliability and security, I-LMS is flexible to all types of educational providers and service and the platform can be easily customized to fit customer requirements..


Key Benefits of I -LMS

 Improves Productivity
 Improves Performance
 Saves Time
 Information Retention
 Maximum Engagement
 Lower Environmental Impact

Major Functionalities I-LMS

Highly Interactive Live Classroom

I-LMS makes the virtual classroom as lively, interactive and fun-filled just as your usual classroom. The voice chat option helps students communicate with the tutor easily along with a live opinion poll. The integrated smart whiteboard will give you an experience of the next level classrooms.

Personalised Coaching & Mentoring

Intuit makes your personal coaching sessions completely effortless, effective and worthwhile. You can provide your students all the necessary extra care so that they deliver that extra performance.

Progress Report

A new method of reporting student’s progress based on their performance as well asthrough the utility feature that monitors user activity and interaction. What the students watch and how much they watch, what do they respond to and how often they respond to is all well tracked.

Unlimited Cloud Video Tutorials

Without any extended subscription charges, we provide access to unlimited videos at one time Investment. Students can enjoy the perks of seamless audio and video streaming with ease. Also the students who missed the class can easily go through the recorded sessions of the same readily available in the app.

Doubt Box

Our distinctive doubt box feature enables the students to upload images and type their queries as and when it pops up in their minds. Open discussion forums to make learning more lively and interactive. Mentors are available in Live to clarify the doubts instantly.

Unlimited Exams

An exam engine that allows the students customise tests as they want and encourages them to compete with themselves. Exams can be easily created and results obtained instantly with just one click. Our special analytical tools help you to find your student’s weak and strong subject areas. Teachers can get the best out of their students with our smart online exams that are easy to create, share, evaluate, and give instant feedback that improve learning outcomes

Instant Performance Analytics

Thisfeature details on the performance reports of the students as well as that of the teachers thereby giving clear assessment on the functioning of the virtual classroom.

Know Your Student Better

Know what your student is best at, what are his /her strong areas and areas requiring attention, all in a hassle-free manner at your fingertips.

Notifications and Announcements

Whether update about a holiday or information on an upcoming interview, Intuit allows you to easily notify your audience about such announcements and messages instantly.

User-Friendly Design

The design and layout is simple to use and easy to understand by any beginner. It is customizable so as to cater to individual needs, be it the minute feature such as changing the colour theme of the app.

Administration And Finance Management

Each student has a profile with his/her attendance details including weekly reports and performance card for a prompt assessment. Real time results of the user traffic that flows in, payments received on customisable packages, logins all can be obtained in a flash

Digitalise Your Institute

Digitalising your institute will provide easier accessibility and unlimited audience from all over the world. With our latest safe and secure cloud technology, you can minimise your cost and plan your manpower